At The Wired Goat Cafe we receive several dozen requests per month.  Because of this, we have a strict monthly budget for donations and certain criteria that will have to be met in order to be considered for a donation. The Wired Goat Cafe strongly believes that investing in our community is a worthy cause so we try to align our donations with causes and organizations that we hold close to our hearts.  We believe that our donations, monetary or otherwise, are best used for organizations and events that affect Columbia and surrounding areas.  Additionally, we require adequate time to consider each request.  Please allow 3 weeks minimum for your request to be considered.  Once we receive your request, we will process and communicate back to you within the 3-week period to let you know our decision. Because of the volume of donation requests we receive, we will not be able to accommodate any donations that do not allow for the 3 week time-frame.  Thanks, friends!