Booking, Music, and Etc

The Wired Goat Cafe has expanded to downtown Columbia from Chapin in 2015 to a space that begs for music, magic, comedy, poetry, and more.  We have a great space in our historic basement that serves as a stage for some of Columbia’s (and beyond’s!) finest.  We have proudly had Philip Snyder and Wired Music, Quartets, WUSC Benefit shows, and Freeway Music’s All Original Open Mic in our cafe.  One of the most wonderful parts about our space is that our basement performance space is separated from the hustle and bustle of the cafe which means that it is truly a space where performance can be the focus and the performers will feel at home with an audience who gives of their attention freely.

We love this space and we know you will as well.  In the past year we have hosted shows that complemented the space and have done so with artists who share in our love for this historic performance spot. Below we have taken the time to answer some FAQ’s as well as provide information to potential artists.  If you have any further questions feel free to contact us via email or phone and ask for Kate or Jessamine. 

Performer Payment

At this time, The Wired Goat Cafe does not pay musicians to play in our space.  We welcome and encourage artists to put out tip jars and sell merchandise.  We do not take any portion of merchandise sales and therefor believe that artists stand to greatly benefit from this aspect.   Artists get  a specialty drink on the house while performing. There are rare instances in which we may decided that we are able to charge a cover charge at the door.  These instances are a rarity, are carefully considered on an individual basis.  In such a case, The Wired Goat Cafe will take 30% of door sales (the artist will take 70%). We enjoy extending our space to the local performing community and believe that doing so enriches the areas around us.  We appreciate local artists and performers and want to be able to continue to offer a space where creativity is born and shared and an audience that is supportive and caring. 


If you are interested in playing a show at The Wired Goat Cafe you must meet the following requirements:

·      Material must be 100% original.  This requirement is not negotiable. 

·      Performers must be ready to provide approximately 1 hour of music not including breaks. 

·      The performer must be prepared to submit a demo cd in person or show a sample on youtube or various other social streams. 

·      The performer must provide all of their own equipment and be ready and willing to load in one hour prior to the event. 

·      The performer must be willing to read, agree to, and sign a contract guaranteeing the above criteria will be met before The Wired Goat Cafe will add the date to our calendar. 

If you are interested in performing at The Wired Goat Cafe please come in or email us.

We will need :

1.  Performance information, performers name, performers medium (music, magic, poetry, etc),  

2. Directions to online media showing us a sample of your performance. If you prefer to bring a CD or DVD in, please drop off or mail to 709 Gervais Street, Columbia, SC, 29201, Attn: Performance Management.

3. Any date you have in mind and any performance specifics or particulars that you may require.

Upon receipt of this information we will review your submission.  Response

2.    Our staff will review the information and respond within 72 hours.

3.    Once everything aligns, we will send you a performance contract to sign, date and return.  We request that you return your contract digitally by emailing it to  Once the contract has been received your date will be confirmed.  We do not confirm or hold dates prior to receipt of the contract.