Global coffee expo 2017- seattle

Hi folks!

After 4 years of talking and planning, our senior staff has made it to the Global Coffee Expo in Seattle.  Seattle is an incredible city with lots of great coffee, food, and a beautiful skyline.  We came to the Expo with intent to network, meet coffee growers and develop direct trade relationships, as well as preview new items that the industry is offering.  So far, we’ve seen a lot of really cool stuff. Not only is the Expo filled with incredible design and thought, but it has also helped introduce us to coffee growers we would not otherwise get to connect with.  We’ve seen some great innovations that we plan to add to our cafes in the next few years.  Within the next year we plan to add a MAVAM espresso machine to our Chapin store, and Mike (creator of MAVAM) will be upgrading our Vista location’s machine so it runs a little faster and with greater precision. To say we are excited, would be an understatement.  Also- we’ve tasted some great Chai in Seattle, but we want you to come in and try our housemade Chai.  We’ve been working on our recipe for a few months and we’re proud to stock our spicy complex chai concentrate at both of our shops (look for a green tea chai coming soon too!).  So what else is new?  We have nitro cold brew coming into both our shops within a few weeks and we are super excited to begin offering our cold brew on tap and will plan to offer growlers as the summer heats up.  Speaking of our famously hot summer, we’ll be offering house made affogatos too…so exciting, and delicious!  We’re really diving into the industry and pushing this business we call coffee to its limits.  One thing Seattle has done for us as a team is remind us how much we are really passionate about coffee and the industry.  Our tastebuds are open, changing, and embracing all of the beautiful beans that we get to taste and all of the delightful unique brews we get to make (and those that others make for us).  Coffee is really a business of passion- we can’t imagine not being head over heels in love with our craft and the incredible people it has brought to us.  We’re extremely lucky to be on this coffee journey and we’re so glad you guys are along for the ride with us.  We’ve got two more days in Seattle and then half our senior staff flies back to manage the shop while the other half will be staying an additional two days to receive training on how to repair our downtown MAVAM espresso machine.  We’ve seen a lot of really incredible stuff so far and we can’t wait to tell you about all the wonderful things we see in the next few days.    Thanks for following us and being part of this beautiful coffee journey that we are all sharing.  We can’t wait to come home and see all of your friendly faces again.  There’s no place like home, right?

See you guys soon!

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